The FEISTY FROCKERY of Kat Wadbrook

If you ever wondered whatever happened to turbans, you could always treasure hunt down to Brighton for the win. Sassy sparkle bunny Kat always brings the bold, and turbans are certainly part of her glorious repertoire. Her headdresses are legendary her banging outfits ever successful sartorial gambits.

The enduring allure of the English seaside town is the perfect backdrop for Kat’s effervescent spirit to live free by the sea. Stylist, carer and social justice warrior by day, artist and midnight magical Harvest Moon swimmer by night, Kat embodies her ethos ‘don’t save for best’ and lucky are those that commission her extraordinary pieces.

Queen of the Waves, Kat and her mermates and sea-witches are also not averse to the exuberance of a Solstice sunrise swim. What a treat to witness their joyful exhilaration as they head out to the bracing brilliance of the waters. With more than a dash of panache, these seasoned sea-swimmers certainly do seize the day and revel in what their bodies can do. “Be happy, not hungry” we hear her say. Oh hell to the yeah I hear us reply.

Aided and abetted by the motto: “The best weight you’ll ever lose is the weight of other people’s opinions”, Kat has found a heady liberation in ditching diet culture. Representation is key, and she hopes that in putting herself out there she is contributing to the self-acceptance process that has helped her. And as we are witnessing, this rolling stone is now gathering much momentum as more and more of us delight in seeing ourselves in all our pinup glory.

We cannot get enough of Kat’s glorious shimmyshakery as we stand beside her in our collective bid to smash the patriarchy.

Stylist and Coverstar: @pudgekat
Headwear: @abundantflamingo
Photos & styling: @adorn_with_attitude and @fumbalinas